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About The National Centre



The Lead Clinician is Miss Gillian Rose and is supported by a Clinical Nurse Specialist Miss Nuala Dixon, a Clinical Psychologist, Michelle Lipton and a team of specially trained health care professionals.
Michelle Lipton's working hours are 09.00-17.00 on Tuesdays and Thursdays. To make an appointment to see her, ring our helpline number on 020 3313 5363, leave name and contact number and Michelle will return your call to arrange suitable appointment.

Gillian Rose
Miss Gillian Rose
Nuala Dixon
Nuala Dixon
Michelle Lipton
Michelle Lipton

  • Dr Ruth Williamson - Consultant Radiologist
  • Dr V Sodhi - Consultant Anaesthetist

Patient Contacts in UK

We have a list of patient contacts but to safeguard confidentiality, we will arrange contact on an individual basis on request.

Support Group

The National Centre is the largest MRKH Support Group in UK with a membership of over 600.
Meetings are held twice a year and the group is supported by a Consultant, a Clinical Nurse Specialist and a Psychologist.

Any girl/patient with MRKH is welcome. All partners and parents are also welcome. For non-members, please contact:

Nuala Dixon (Clinical Nurse Specialist on 020 3313 5363) for details.
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